Your Questions, Answered

How long is the course?

The course is 19 weeks long, including one holiday break of two weeks.

What is your training methodology?

Our courses are delivered via a combination of classroom/face-to-face learning, practical experience and paid work experience.

What does New Zealand Equine Academy do differently than others in your field?

Not only does New Zealand Equine Academy offer exposure to all facets of the industry, a paid training wage, the support and co-operation of some of the finest establishments in the world, the opportunity to learn and form friendships with fellow students who share your passion but we also focus on the mental and physical health and wellbeing of our students.  This is reflected in our course material which includes healthy living.

What will my New Zealand Certificate in Equine Skills (Level 2) help me to do?

Following successful completion of the New Zealand Certificate in Equine Skills (Level 2), graduates can be employed as stablehands, track riders or stud assistants in a sector of the equine industry.

What comes after Level 2?

You can go on to study for your New Zealand Certificate in Equine Skills (Level 3) for Breeding, Riding or Stablehand.

I want to become a jockey!  How do I do that?

Great news... you can learn to ride with us, graduate with your Level 2 certification and sign up to the Apprentice Jockey Academy!  This is a unique new opportunity to gain valuable  experience and contacts throughout your four-year apprenticeship with various trainers (whereas the current system restricts you to one trainer for your entire apprenticeship).

Can I earn while I learn?

Our Level 2 course includes 20 hours per week work experience for which you will receive a training wage. There is also the potential for extra afternoon and weekend hours.

Where will I live while I'm attending the course?

We can help place you in suitable accommodation while you are enrolled in the course and we can also assist with transport.

What financial support options are available?

We can assist you with WINZ and Studylink applications.

Do I have to bring my own horse?

No.  The Academy has dedicated horses for your learning experience.